The Book: Surviving the Flier

There it is, the new cover in the full spread. Don't worry, it's not nearly so...vibrant in real life. That thing's hurting my eyes!


Surviving the Flier, Second Edition!

It’s here!  Based on more interviews, letters and photographs, this, the second edition of Surviving the Flier is finished and ready to ship.

Some of the images and stories told in this edition come from the last Flier crewman, James Alls, others, pulled from letters, still more from photos and reports.  Several photos have never been publicly released before, and one was declassified from the National Archives only June 2011.

My favorite feature though, has to the be the photo roster of the men from the Flier’s second patrol (plus James Alls who was scheduled to go, and Peder Cahl who died at Midway).  Nearly seventy years ago, these men were laughing, learning, writing letters home before they had to leave.  I didn’t want to remember that while writing and often looked at these photos (Thanks to Charles Hinman and Paul Wittmer at and later, to see the men whose story I was trying to tell.  I hope I did them justice, and I enjoyed getting to know their families, get a better sense of them. I’ll never know them the side of heaven, but I thank them in this way.

And I hope you enjoy entering this world that remained secret for so long.

Surviving the Flier-Second Edition -$14.99 + $3 shipping

If you’d like me to sign it, just add how you’d like the inscription made out (or to whom) in the Instructions to the Merchant section of the order form.  Any questions and you can drop me a line here, or at

They’re also available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble’s websites.

Coming Soon:


This will include some original color images!

Surviving the Flier: First Edition

With the launch of the second edition, the first edition is being permanently retired. If you have a copy, hang on to it, because when they’re gone, that’s it!  I will sell first editions for as long as I have copies, but there are now less than six!

Surviving the Flier – 1st edition paperback


Surviving the Flier is an incredible true story of survival. As World War II drew to a close, the USS Flier struck a mine and sank in thirty seconds while on patrol in the Philippines. Fifteen men survived the explosion, but only eight survived the seventeen hour swim to land. From there the survivors worked to elude capture by the Japanese, struggled to find food and water, and eventually managed to find their way back to Allied territory. The people they met and how they returned was kept top secret for years. Told from the perspective of the last living survivor, Al Jacobson, this book draws upon his memoirs as well as extensive research to portray as accurate a story as possible.

If you want an autographed copy, just click on the link above, and I’ll send one out.  If you want a personalized autographed copy, drop a line to telling me who you are and the order number and what you want in it, and I’ll be more than happy to oblige!

It’s also available on Amazon, and Barnes and Noble!

This book has been a labor of love for over five years now.  I’ve been lucky to know the Jacobson family, and through this story, meeting people in the Submarine, Museum and business communities in Hawaii, Manila, Pennsylvania, Virginia, California, and other far-flung places.




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