USS Flier Exhibit Opened

Posted by Rebekah
Jun 05 2013

I took a long time away from this project, mostly because the USS Flier exhibit now on display at the Silversides Submarine Museum swallowed me whole!  It was a great ride, and the exhibit is now open for the public!

When I started this blog, I assumed I would be in Muskegon to work more closely with this project, instead of working remotely from another state as the historian and consultant checking facts, drawing maps, ect.  But I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Designed by Kalamazoo-based Jeff Bernstein Exhibitions, I think the Flier exhibit is very well executed and tells the story very well.  Even though Flier herself only lived 13 months, from launch to sinking, and more than half of that was training, transport and repairs, she left her mark on the Navy, and history.

The exhibit highlights each member of the crew’s personal story, artifacts from the Flier’s crew, and the Coastwatchers and Filipinos working against the Japanese behind enemy lines.

In addition, we also have a cross-section WWII-era torpedo, and history of submarines in WWII highlighted as you head into the museum.

It’s a permanent installation, so if you’re ever in Muskegon, stop on by and check out the story!

For more about the exhibit including a small gallery of photos, see this article from the Muskegon Chronicle.


Next up: A short diversion from submarines, though not shipwrecks.  Has the Griffin been found at last?

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  1. April says:

    My grandma has a photo just like the above we pulled it out today it’s a different pose and the back of the photo says Ship USS Argonaut 1930’s, I’m wondering if this is one of his photos??????

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