Book Signing

Posted by Rebekah
May 10 2012

Long story short, I’ve been away due to a minor health issue that is just sapping my energy (it’ll resolve itself soonish) and and ramp up in my contract work that’s mostly due soon. Both those things sap my energy and time so that this blog, sadly, got the short shaft. I have, however, in the process, discovered a lot more about the Submarine Force adn some of the stories behind it, so those will make their way here soon, when my health/energy improves or my docket clears up some.

But I did want to say that I’ll be speaking at 10 am tomorrow at the E.B Ball Center in Muncie, about the Flier and be signing my book. So if you’d like to see some of the photos that didn’t make the book, or were discovered too lately to use, or just talk submarines, I hope to see you there.

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