Inadvertant Hiatus

Posted by Rebekah
Oct 16 2011

Hi everyone,

It’s bee a long summer, full of interstate travel, and emotional highs and lows. Things have been quite busy, and in the shuffle, this blog got dropped. Hard. (I’d say “Dropped like a lead balloon”, but the Mythbusters actually proved those things can float!)

But in that time, I’ve gotten to talk to more people and heard more stories, and will be back at it soon. The Flier Exhibit has been green-lighted, and we’re going through the blueprints, making sure it works, doesn’t violate any pesky codes or permits, or red tape, and trying to unearth those amazing little stories about the 85+ unique people that made up the Flier’s crew. Hopefully, I’ll be able to share some of that with you as we go.

So I’m back, and have that promised post on the second half of the life of the Hakusan Maru, and will try to post at least twice a week in the future.

Thanks for your patience, I am excited to be back!

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