Still digging…

Posted by Rebekah
Apr 07 2011

Yup, still digging and only occasionally coming up for air…or light…what time is it?  Wait,  is it actually spring?!  When did that happen?

Actually, I feel so great right now because I just finished and submitted my proposal for what I think the Flier exhibit should look like at the Great Lakes Naval Memorial and Museum.  I love the Flier story, I loved creating the floor plan, the story path, the graphics…I just LOATHE writing the actual proposal.  I don’t know why–but I do. I can tell stories of any kind all day long, quite happily, (something my children are likely going to hate in coming years!) but writing proposals is very difficult for me.  Verbal presentation, I can do.  Written, GAH!

But it’s done!  It’s done!  For better or worse, it’s in the bag and sent off!  I might actually get to bed before midnight tonight.  That’d be a first this week.

Now some of you might be interested in what it looks like, after all there is an “Exhibit” page on this site, and the subtitle of this blog is “Behind the scenes of building a museum exhibit”.  But, since I’m up against two professional museum exhibit firms, I’m sure you can understand why I’m not posting my proposal here for now.  Once I know the other two firms have submitted their proposals, I might post mine here, and once a proposal is decided on, regardless of whose it is, I’ll likely post that too.

So take a good look at the Exhibit Page now, because what was just submitted is radically different.  The location changed, the parameters changed, everything is different.  But I think I like the new ideas much better than the old.

Now on to other things!  First, where’s the interiors of my eyelids?  Ah,…how I’ve missed you…

Good night!


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