Today’s Deck Log

Posted by Rebekah
Oct 20 2010

So here I was writing today’s blog entry when a phone call changed EVERYTHING.

The interview with James Alls must be postponed for a few weeks.  Due to the health issues of one of his close family members, we just can’t meet up this week.  Thankfully, the family member is doing much better than just 24 hours ago when this person was in a critical state, but they are still in ICU.  So please keep him and his family in prayers.  We’re only a couple of hours apart so hopefully, when things calm down and he is able to entertain company, we’ll be able to get together.  I’m already looking through my calendar to schedule the next weekend.  The good news is, both of us are determined to do this as soon as possible.  I’ll keep you posted.

But please keep him and his family in your prayers.

Below, you’ll find the day’s Deck Log from USS Flier 20 October 1943.

Today's Deck Log. Note the phrase "Secured No. 3 (or 4) engine" in the entries in the 2100 hours area. This means the engines were stopped and secured from running on the diesel systems. You'll see this phrase a lot, just thought I'd explain it. One thing you need to know about WWII subs is the engines DO NOT run the propellors. An electric motor doees this. What the diesel engines do is run the generators that charge the batteries that run the boat. The diesels, due to the amount of oxygen they use can only run when the boat is on the surface, hence the reason for marking when they were on and off, because running one of those puppies when the submarine is underwater could use up all your oxygen in a matter of minutes.

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