The Catch Up Decklogs

Posted by Rebekah
Oct 25 2010

Sheesh, that last post took forever, because I had to track down so many images.  Figures.  You work on  a project over five years and multiple computers, and you need to play “hide and seek” with files if you haven’t used them in a while!

If yo are a Flier Family member, please please PLEASE, check out this entry, and see if you can spot a familiar face.  I need help recognizing all the men in these photos.

So today we’ll catch up with the deck logs that we’ve missed.  There won’t be much to miss yet.

Taking on more stores and drilling today. The "O.O.D" you see at the end, means "Officer of the Deck". This person is a direct representative of the Captain and is responsible for the Boat unless releived by the CO or a higher officer.

Still moored in Groton. From what I understand, many of the married men's wives lived in the Groton area at this time, and at this point, they would be going home and visiting as much as possible.

The interesting note in October 23's log is the first addition to the commissioning crew: Seaman first Class Bruce Murray. (the entry marked 1430 hours)

The October 24 Deck Log features an early delivery of stores and Flier's first patrol assignment, off the exotic New England coast. Considering the face that there were known U-Boat's patrolloing the American East Coast and the fact that two divers discovered a "missing" U-Boat wreck off the coast of New Jersey as recently as 1991, having the new submarines who were not ready to leave for the Pacific do some training runs in the area killed two birds with one stone. They certainly were going to come across more enemy action than those built in the Great Lakes!

Now for one of those rare, but REALLY dull Deck Logs: "Underway: No Administrative remarks." While these pages are more common in the first two months of Flier's life, they are rather amusing. It's almost like someone said, "Just in case nothing happens today, let's mimeograph three dozen of these (in the days before Xeroxing, boys and girls) and fill in the date later." Seriously. That date is the only thing that lets me know that I'm looking at a new page, not the same one earlier.

So there she is.  67 years ago today, Flier is somewhere of the coast of New England, doing her first unofficial patrol, but more importantly, starting to work her crew into a real team that can save each other’s skins in a tight spot, come what may.

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