USS Flier keeps going

Posted by Rebekah
Aug 09 2010

I’d post a map today, but it’s late, and I still have a ton of stuff to do before tomorrow, so sorry, maybe tomorrow.  Definitely by Wednesday.

Flier is through Lombok and is entering Makassar Strait, where she will be for about two days or so.

Redfin, meanwhile, has pulled into and out of Exmouth Gulf then decided to have deck gun practice, using, you guessed it:

There she is again, the SS Mildura.

It’s amazing there’s ANYTHING left of this wreck, really.

Nothing else to report today.  I’m finishing up some items to go in the exhibit, and double checking to make sure I have EVERYTHING I need to bring to this shindig since I’m going to have to return a lot of original source materials to their owners, but it was an honor to be their caretaker for as long as I was and to use the original materials in my research, rather than second or third hand stuff.  (I did have to use that, but not as much as I thought I would have to).

Until tomorrow!

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