Into the Sulu Sea

Posted by Justin
Aug 11 2010

Flier today is somewhere outside Makassar Strait and in the Sulu Sea.  Redfin is approaching the Lombok Strait.

At this point, Redfin was outside Lombok getting ready for the crossing, and Flier was somewhere in the Sulu Sea.

The mood on the Flier was probably calm to anticipatory.  The twenty hands on board who were not already qualified would be working and studying, with not a break between.  Those qualified would be working their two four-hour shifts and playing games, writing letters, watching movies between.

Several were due to have birthdays in August.  It’s possible that the cooking staff, was planning on birthday cakes or some sort of celebration to commemorate the occasion.  One young lad was sixteen, due to turn seventeen on patrol.

There was nothing to suggest anything unusual, and there wouldn’t be, not for two more days.

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