Dive Detectives does NOT air next week

Posted by Rebekah
Aug 17 2010

I noticed a spike in the number of people were looking for the Dive Detectives  air date frantically in my search terms stats box, and I think I might have discovered why:  if you were looking for articles about the Memorial Service of USS Flier there were three printed.  One said that the Dive Detectives Submarine Graveyard Episode will air next week.

That article, however, was written for a Canadian newspaper, not an American one.  If, however, you know someone who lives in Canada and want to visit…

The American debut of the Dive Detectives is still unscheduled.  And YAP Films and Mike and Warren Fletcher,  if any of you read this, contact me at ussflierproject@gmail.com when it does find an air date.  My hits double each time I announce a Dive Detectives update, so I know that those who are looking for the air date hit this site frequently.  We’ll all make sure that it has high viewership once we know when to watch (and afterwards, buy the episode)

If you are looking for the article about the USS Flier Memorial Service, there were three that I found:

Grand Haven Tribune’s Article

Muskegon Chronicle’s Article

The Canadian Article (I even got interviewed for this one!)

Finally a great little clip of Jim Alls discussing his lost shipmates

If you hear of any others, let me know.

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