Posted by Rebekah
Aug 21 2010

Please don’t miss my post below for today’s entry in Flier’s story, but I wanted to add an announcement!

If you want to purchase an autographed copy of my book, “Surviving the Flier”  you can finally do so on this website!

There is a shopping cart linked to the Surviving the Flier page here, and I will send one to you.  If you want it personalized, just drop a line to me at telling me who you are, your order # and how you’d like me to sign the book for you, and I’ll be more than happy to do so and mail it right out to you.

If you just want the book, you can get it on Amazon ($14.99) (UPDATE 8/23:  I told Amazon about Barnes and Nobles Price, so now both sites are offering Surviving the Flier for $10.79) ,and  Barnes and Noble, ($10.79)

If you live in Germany, believe it or not, you can order from here for 12,99 Euros

Okay, now I found my book listed in Estonia.

And even my friends in the UK can order through the UK version of Amazon.

I’m sorry if this sounds like bragging, but this is just too fun, almost surreal, to actually see my book in print and available world wide thanks to the Internet.  Who knows if anyone there will ever buy it, but they have the option!  (Though it’s still in English.  They can learn WWII Submarine terminology and slang.  That could be interesting.  Not necessarily useful…might not even be safe, but interesting…)

Next up, the e-books and the Kindle books, then on to the audio book!

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