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Dive Detectives and the Flier Wreck

Memorial Ceremony | Posted by Rebekah
Jul 08 2010

I have an announcement about the Dive Detective show that everyone has been looking for in the US.

As most who have been following this show know, the documentary about the Flier’s discovery and wreck has been shown in Canada and the UK, but the distribution rights in the US are still being negotiated.

YAP Films, however, has graciously given one copy of the film to the Great Lakes Naval Memorial and Museum for our guests to see.  The paperwork we had to sign dictates that this film will be used for show only, we may not copy, sell, distribute, or otherwise use it except to show it in our theater.

So for those who have been desperate to see the documentary, literally, the only place to see it in the United States for the foreseeable future, is the museum, and we will not be able to accommodate those who cannot come to our grounds to see it.  Sorry.

Hopefully, the distribution rights for this film will be settled soon and the Flier documentary will be shown in the US along with the other five episodes the Dive Detectives did.  (Though I’m nearly desperate to see the Flier episode, I’m also very interested their show in the Edmund Fitzgerald and the 1812 warships in Lake Erie, and the one about the Atom Bomb assembly island.)

But on August 13, 2010, if you are in Muskegon Michigan, you can watch the “Submarine Graveyard” episode of Dive Detectes.

Whether Mike and Warren Fletcher, the divers who found and filmed the Flier, will be there too, is still up in the air.  I’ll keep you posted.

Just a quick update…

Memorial Ceremony, The Exhibit | Posted by Rebekah
Jun 19 2010

Snatching a few moments just now to update all of you Flier watchers out there…

After a meeting yesterday, we have some details about the Flier ceremony and the temporary exhibit which we’ll put up in time for the ceremony, and the future permanent exhibit.

If you are planning on coming to the festivities that weekend and you need a place to stay, the museum has reserved 70 rooms at the Holiday Inn downtown for Flier families.  Just mention that you are part of the group.  Don’t wait to reserve your spot, since Muskegon is a tourist town, AND that weekend is the Unity Christian Music Festival, and the hotels are telling us they are expecting to be full that weekend shortly.  If you find that place is full, give me or the museum folks a ring and we can see if we can help you locate another museum or bed and breakfast nearby.

While the memorial ceremony at 11 am on Friday August 13 is open to the public, if you are attending the entire weekend, you will need to register.  All those Flier family members should have received their packets by now.  If you haven’t, let us know and we’ll get them to you.

Between time and financial constraints, the permanent Flier exhibit will not be ready in time, we’re so sorry.  Since it won’t be ready in time, we have opted to not start it during the summer, which is our busiest season.  We do, however, have a traveling exhibit area prepped and ready and will be putting together an exhibit there.  In a way, it’s better, since we’ll be posting more of the original work than we otherwise normally would.  Since these items will come down and go into storage later,  delicate objects that shouldn’t be out in the light for long CAN be put on display here for the temporary exhibit.

Weather permitting, the ceremony will take place on the deck of the Silversides, Flier’s sister, where we will read each man’s name and then ring the bell in their honor, while throwing a flower into the water.  When it’s done, Silversides is surrounded by a cloud of flowers, it’s really quite striking.  The Navy is sending someone to make the address, but who this person is has not been announced yet.  (According to an inside source, this person won’t be announced until about a month before the ceremony.)

For those who have been wanting to see the film about the finding of Flier’s wreck, a copy of it IS scheduled to come and debut during that day.   From what I’ve been told, the rights to the film in the USA are still in question because they are still working on signing with a distributer for the whole six-part series.  There WILL NOT be copies for sale (due to the above-mentioned reason), but it will be shown.  Since we’re expecting about 200 people for the ceremony and our theater only seats 72, we’ll be running it all day.

The future exhibit will be located on the second floor of museum and is currently planned to have a place to show the Dive Detectives documentary, as well as some interactive exhibits.  The location and size of the exhibit changed recently, which means I’m re-drawing what it will look like, so take the images on the “Exhibits” page with a grain of salt.

And finally, my book will also debut that weekend!  If you’ve been interested to read more of the Flier’s story, you’ll have the opportunity.

I’ll try to post later this afternoon about what Flier’s up to today, and some interesting information I discovered about the last time USS Crevalle crossed Balabac Straits.  Why does it matter?  Because the Navy gave the path Crevalle took through Balabac to the Flier to help them navigate safely through, but there were some interesting quirks about that path…