More Dive Detectives

Posted by Rebekah
Oct 05 2010

Sadly, this is not the episode that most of us have been waiting patiently (or not so patiently) for.

But if you are interested in the whole Dive Detective Series, like I am, you’ll be interested to know that the first episode was posted online in various places a couple of days ago.  Since these episodes also seem to originate from a Nat Geo website, this appears to be legit (I wouldn’t want to post an illegal copy and rip the Dive Detectives and YAP Films off.

Since this does appear to be legit, I thought I would post this episode, which concerns the A-Bombs and the assembly island Tinian.  It was quite interesting, and I hope you all enjoy it.  My only caution is that it takes a while to download (at least it did for me, it might have more to do with my particular connection or FireFox throwing a tantrum, who knows?)  So it might behoove you to get it started, then pause it for an hour then play it all the way through.  That’s what worked best for me.

In the meantime, I’ll keep scouring the web for news about the Dive Detectives going on-air properly somewhere in the US, and of course, if these episodes go on sale in some form and/or are streaming on the web.  I actually like this series, despite the fact I’ve only seen two of the six episodes, and hope they get renewed and shown in the US.  Surely the History channel can cancel a few dozen replays of Modern Marvels: The Brick/Beaver/Corrosion and Decomp/Eggs/The Potato (SERIOUSLY?!) to fit these six episodes in.  Or maybe the American Nat Geo channel can bump three days of Drug shows (I’m looking at the lineup right now.  Sunday the 17th is showing Four hours of shows about Cocaine, Meth Marijuana and Cocaine–yes a repeat, and the very next day they’re showing the same three shows arranged in the order of Marijuana, Cocaine, Heroin (ooooh, a new show!) and another showing of Marijuana.  Sigh.

Hey Cable channels!  If you’re that hard up for programming, I know a good, short series that you can show!

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