USS Redfin earns more awards, and USS Flier keeps plowing north

Posted by Rebekah
Aug 06 2010

Today at Fremantle the Redfin held a second awards ceremony.  The whole crew was awarded a Submarine Combat Insignia and George Carinder was awarded a Silver Star for his part in the landing party from Redfin’s second patrol.

Two men, Gilbert Bowles and William Yeager reported aboard, and one man, Lt. Wallace Babbitt, was detached.   Finally, a a quarter to eight in the evening, Redfin pulled up anchor and pulled out of Fremantle, heading out on her fourth patrol.

USS Flier is approaching Lombok Strait, her assigned entrance to the Japanese territory.  It was going to be a difficult transit, but they had done it before, and could do it again without a problem.

Or so they thought.

Ordered the books today, they should be there in time.  We’re working on the order forms on this website this weekend so for those of you who cannot come to the Memorial Service but want a copy of the book, this’ll be the only place you can find it until Amazon gets it up, which, according to my reps and the press, will take up to six weeks!  It looks fantastic, I’m really pleased, and if any of you are artists out there, you know how rare it is for an artist to be pleased with their own work.  I just hope the rest of you think that this is a good book!

If all goes well, the e-books and Kindle versions will be up in a couple of days too.

For those who we’ll meet at the memorial service on  Friday, I can’t wait.

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