Grunion’s Ghost

Posted by Rebekah
Jul 31 2010

I was planning on making a larger and longer post today, but didn’t expect to find some interesting information which, if true, will make for a fascinating story.

Today is ths 68th anniversary of the disappearance of USS Grunion.

In many ways, she and Flier had similar stories:  they were both Gato boats, both built in Groton Connecticut (though two years apart) both had short careers and both left behind people determined to find them.  And both were, ultimately, found.

But as it turns out, there may be a link between Flier and Grunion far more interesting.  Because on July 31, 1942, Commander John D. Crowley was not the CO of Flier, he was the CO of the antique boat S-28, and was only a few miles from Grunion.

There’s a bit of an interesting point here that I’m still working on the maps for.  But the Grunion family have been so intrumental in finding all of our Flier families, and a number of them will be coming to the ceremony on August 13.

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