100th Post

Posted by Rebekah
Jul 22 2010

I wish I had a more interesting post for the 100th post on this site, but today is rather quiet.  Tomorrow, the 23rd, is the day the men of Flier report aboard for training duty before leaving for Flier’s second patrol.

I wish I knew what they were doing.  All I know about Al’s movements at this time is he bought three boomerangs and a lamb skin rug and mailed it home to his family.  (One of the odd blessings about researching the Navy is the paperwork is immense and all filed, usually in some kind of “-plicate”  (Duplicate, Triplicate…)   Some of the guys probably got Digger Hats, an Australian kind of Cowboy hat that was often purchased by American sailors on R&R.

Flier and Redfin meanwhile are being fitted out by the Submarine Tender Orion, who is in the process of reloading all her own stores  since she has received orders to leave Fremantle and head for the port of Mios Woendi on Papua New Guinea.   Flier, Redfin and Jack will be her last three submarines to outfit before heading out herself.

Fremantle is absolutely packed with American Submarines right now, coming and going.   Flier came to port on July 5.  The day before, the Gunnel and Muskallunge also came to Fremantle.  Since Flier arrived, the Harder, Redfin, Hake, Jack, Haddo, Paddle and Mingo arrived.  The Cod, Gunnard, Ray, Aspro, Puffer, Bluefish, Raton, Guitarro, and Rasher all left Fremantle at the same time.  If you think every submarine carried on average 80 people at this time (and often more), that means that approximately 1,520 submarine sailors filtered through Fremantle’s North Warf during the month of July alone.  This doesn’t include the sailors stationed in Fremantle on the Orion and Griffin, the relief crews, and the submarines and destroyers across the way that belonged to the Brits and Dutch.

Memorial Booklet is now done, and I’m trying to learn how to do three dimensional modeling on Photoshop.  This should be interesting.

My husband and I are working on setting up e-books for those who prefer their books that way.  We’re working on Kindle, Nook, (which I keep calling “Vook” much to my husband’s amusement) and iPad versions in addition to a .pdf, so those who prefer their e-books, we’ll probably have a format for you.  We’re not prejudiced.

An audiobook is on its way, but at the moment, we’re looking into how to do that, whether to hire out studio time, or what.  I’ll keep you posted on what that is.

I’m expecting the proof of my book any day now.  This is a copy of the book created to let an author, editor, ect. take a look at the book in the finished form to make sure this is exactly what is wanted.  The bookblock (interior of the book) has been accepted and now, as soon as the cover is accepted (or not) the book will be shipped to me in finished form so I can take a look at it.  I can’t wait.

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