Fun with Graphics

Posted by Rebekah
May 13 2010

As anyone who has ever worked with the graphics presentation for a large project can tell you, it’s a lot more complicated than you may think.  When working with a corporation, they tend to have standards for presentation and colors that can be used, and those colors are VERY specific.  U of M is not just Blue and Gold, trust me, they have a VERY specific blue and gold in mind, down to the amounts cyan, magenta, yellow and black that are in each color.  (Heck, it would not surprise me at all if they named it “U of M Blue” and “U of M Gold”.)

So I did that for the Great Lakes Naval Memorial and Museum a while back for their main exhibit hall, and when the Flier project ramped up suddenly this winter after the announcement of her discovery, I did a related one so this unit has a distinct feel that is still related to the Main Exhibit Hall below it.

And that graphics standard has passed into the look of this website, the letter head, the business cards, and now, the book.

I’ve been monkeying around with the cover for  a while now, and I think I really like this one, so I thought I would put it out there to see what some of you think.

When  first started working with graphics and ideas for the Flier, the image of a set of footprints coming up out of the beach really struck me, but it took me a long time for me to get it to work.  I also colored the jackets and faces of the guys on the Flier, as an attempt to kind of bring them to life a little bit more.  Sometimes, I know at least for me, since color photos were so new during WWII, and we see so much black and white footage and photos of WWII that they always seem removed from modern life.  I love seeing the few color photographs of WWII that I can find since that vivid color always seems to reach out to me, make the scene more tangible, more realistic.  So I colored the men on the cover.

I don’t think I’ll do it to any internal photos, both due to extra cost and because the coloration IS just guess work, but I think I rather like this.

It ended up being more colorful than I originally planned, (and now that I’ve pasted the cover in here, it’s a LOT more vivid than it is on my Photoshop program, I may have to re-adjust before final publishing) but these colors are still within the graphics standards.

What do you think?

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