Welcome Back Virginia!

Posted by Rebekah
Apr 14 2010

As we all get ready for the inevitable tax day tomorrow, (I’m so proud of myself, mine are already done!…but then again, I had someone else do them…;)  ) on the submarine front, there is, at least, bright news.

The USS Virginia, in commission since 2004 has returned to her home port of Groton Connecticut, having completed her first six-month tour.  She left the US on October 15 last year, and made port calls in Spain, Greece, United Arab Emirates, and Turkey.

USS Virginia at sea

Now she is no longer a new boat, but rather, a workhorse of Submarine Squadron 4, a part of Submarine Group 2, stationed on America’s  Northeast Coast.

So what is Submarine Group 2?   It is the group of submarines based out of Groton Connecticut, and consists of five squadrons:  Squadrons 2, 4, 6, 8, and development squadron 12.  Here’s who’s in that group:


PCU Missouri (SSN 780)  (PCU means Pre-Commissioned Unit.  Once commissioned, it will change to “USS”)
PCU California (SSN 781)

Submarine Squadron 2

USS Dallas (SSN 700)
USS Philadelphia (SSN 690)
USS Pittsburgh (SSN 720)
USS Providence (SSN 719)
USS Springfield (SSN 761)

Submarine Squadron 4

USS Miami (SSN 755)
USS Hartford (SSN 768)
USS Virginia (SSN 774) (There’s the new girl)
USS North Carolina (SSN 777)
USS New Hampshire (SSN 778)

Submarine Squadron 6

USS Albany (SSN 753)
USS Norfolk (SSN 714)
USS Scranton (SSN 756)
USS Montpelier (SSN 765)

Submarine Squadron 8

USS Boise (SSN 764)
USS Newport News (SSN 750)
USS Oklahoma City (SSN 723)

Submarine Development Squadron 12

USS Annapolis (SSN 760)
USS Alexandria (SSN 757)
USS Memphis (SSN 691)
USS San Juan (SSN 751)
USS Toledo (SSN 769)

The USS New Mexico is also a part of Submarine Group 2, but I was unable to find out what Squadron she’s been assigned to.

For more fun, believe it or not, Submarine Group 2 has a Facebook Page and Twitter Feed.

3 Responses

  1. We also have a website at Submarine Group Two:

    At last check, USS New Mexico was assigned to squadron 8. That will change, however, since she changes homeport and moves to Groton, CT later this year.

    Lt. Patrick Evans, USN
    Public Affairs Officer
    Submarine Group Two

  2. Svan says:

    I would like to find the following information: who was a previous executive officer of SSN 751 (San Juan), when under M.W.Martin? It is Lt. Cmdr. Mike Foster, but who was it in 2008? I remember it used to sound like a Polish last name but I’m not sure now.

    Lt. Svan, Russian Navy
    Baltic Fleet NAF

  3. marcus zuniga says:

    i was on the uss pittsburgh 720 in 2010 when it took on water im searching for tthe ships logs. it never was reported. im a vet. diagnosed ptsd looking for help. markanthony848484@gmail.com

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