Flier Free!

Posted by Rebekah
Apr 01 2010

We can FINALLY return to the Flier.   On or about this date, the Flier was finally released from drydock for do her final finishing floating along a pier (drydock space was at a premium, they would have had her in and out as fast as they could).  She’ll soon begin testing to make sure all the repairs mesh perfectly with the original construction, since some of the repairs were very deep and complex.

Tomorrow, I’ll try to post a batch of images showing what exactly was damaged, and why it took so long.

Also on or around this date, Al Jacobson finished Submarine School and received his orders to report to Mare Island and the USS Flier.  He probably took a train, though given he was military, they may have taken him by plane.

On another note, I’m working on the site a bit.   I’ve created the Exhibit and Memorial pages, and am overhauling the Book page shortly.  I hope you like them.

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