Posted by Rebekah
Apr 25 2010

Kimmel, aboard the Robalo, decided to first see how many repairs could be done at sea before deciding whether or not to head back to port.  It took nearly 24 hours and two dives to get the submarine fairly operational again, which says a lot about the ability of submarine crews to maintain their own boats in a pinch.

However, there were several things that simply were too specialized to be fixed: the periscopes, the Sonar Soundhead, the SJ Radar and the 4-inch deck gun.  These were serious problems since it left Robalo fairly blind, down a weapons system, and possibly unable to track any convoys.

Kimmel was in a tight spot, but decided to stay out a few days.  The following is an excerpt from April 25th’s entry in Robalo’s War Patrol Report:

“The SJ Radar is in the doubtful class but the technician feels he can get it working.  If he can, we will continue patrol, otherwise I think it better that we return for repairs.  Will give him a couple of days to get it working.”

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